Trails & Mistletoe

  • Wilderness Park 1st & VanDorn

Location--Wilderness Park 1st & Van Dorn Day Use area
Breakfast--9:30am Highway Diner 20th & Highway 2

Come out to Wilderness Park and run trails or snowshoe if
snow permits.
Run for 1-1 1/2 hours then head to breakfast!
The purpose of this run is to get a group of people together to run trails,have fun and then collect donations to give to a needy family for the Holidays.
We will collect $5 per person or whatever anyone wants to give and then give it to a needy family.
This is a good time to show people that our crazy trail group run groupies are caring and compassionate people.
Let's make this a big hit.
Thanks to Red Dirt Running and Pubbers Adventure Club!!!