We carry a wide variety of brands and shoes geared toward runners and fitness enthusiasts alike. Neutral, stability, minimal, maximal, and cross trainers abound. Plus, if there's something you can't find in our store, we're happy to special order for you! Our brands include:



We hope you'll check out our store's apparel section on your next visit. We carry seasonally appropriate gear, as well as our own branded apparel in store. Some of the brands we have in-stock right now include:

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You know what your body needs on the run. Whether it's a watch to calculate splits, or fuel for your long run, come in and check out our running and fitness accessories to make your workouts more enjoyable.

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Just like finding the right footwear, socks are a key element to a comfortable workout. Whether it's compression or trail running, quarter-length or no-show, we're confident we'll have what you need.



Recovering after a long run or hard workout is just as important as the run itself.  We provide a wide variety of recovery gear including foam rollers, massage sticks, and more.  Make sure your legs are ready for the next run.