The Red Dirt fitting process utilizes a cutting edge technology to find the proper footwear for your foot type and gait. We believe our customers deserve a fitting process that provides them with the greatest benefit for their running needs. You can get fit in shoes elsewhere, but it won’t be a Red Dirt fit. Our staff are trained and continually educated on footwear technology and the type of footwear that is best for your foot type as well as your gait.

Our fitting process is comprised of a digital foot scan and a video gait analysis to assist in finding the proper footwear for your activity. While both are exceptionally important pieces to finding proper footwear, running form is also assessed to help facilitate the most efficient gait.

What is Video Gait Analysis and how will it help me?

While walking and/or running on a treadmill you are video-taped for 10-30 seconds. Replaying the tape in slow motion and stop motion, the basic mechanics of the foot, arch and ankle are observed and evaluated.

Getting the right shoe is very important and Video Gait Analysis is a large piece of the process followed by a thorough explanation of footwear options and precise fittings. Many running injuries can be prevented when biomechanics and shoe mechanics are given the proper professional attention.